Sunday, March 25, 2012

Discovering American Women's History Online: New features, New URL

The web address for Discovering American Women’s History Online has changed to:

A really nice new feature is that RSS feeds alert users to new records in the database. Users can view these on the website and/or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Other key features:
*Descriptions/links to more than 600 digital collections of primary sources.
*Quick access to basic and advanced searches on every page
*Options for browsing by subject (300+ subject headings), place, time period, and primary source type
*Options for narrowing search results by subject, time period, place, and primary source type

Please update links/bookmarks to the new site if you have links to the previous version of the site:
This previous version has fewer features, about 60 fewer records, and will be replaced with an automatic link to the new site in another month or so.

Please email me ( if you know of relevant digital collections that are not covered in the database, or of other ways to improve the site. 

1 comment:

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