Sunday, November 27, 2011

Women in Science, Medicine, and Technology

The International Symposium of the Commission on the History of Women in Science, Technology and Medicine was held in Paris, September 14-17, 2011.  Slides and texts from symposium presentations are now available. Three of the presentations are featured below:

Jessica Sedgwick's overview of the Archives for Women in Medicine (Harvard) covered three primary goals of the Archives: building a collection of enduring value;  improving access (e.g., oral histories, digitization);  and outreach (promoting collections and celebrating women leaders). SlideShare includes Sedgwick's slides as well as the presentation text).
Highlights from The Archives for Women in Medicine site include Women in Medicine Oral Histories, digitized items from manuscript collections, finding aids, and information about current events at the Archives.

Philippa Hardman's presentation highlighted the hidden world of women and science in Charles Darwin’s private correspondence. See the Darwin and Gender site for more information about this initiative.

Margaret Rossiter's slides list the archival collections that she used in researching her new book, Women Scientists in America: Forging a New World Since 1972 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011). Earlier volumes from this series include Women Scientists in America: Before Affirmative Action, 1940-1972, and Women Scientists in America, Struggles and Strategies to 1940.


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