Monday, October 17, 2011

New Digital Collection: Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive

Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive
Dance companies have performed at the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival since 1932. Highlights from this collection of video clips include performances by Alexandra Danilova, Carola Goya, Tanaquil LeClercq, Ruth St. Denis, Pearl Primus, Maria Tallchief, and Twyla Tharp. Browse options for genre and era are also available. A recent Washington Post article by Sarah Kaufman provides further information about the collection:  In Jacob's Pillow Archives, Moving History.

Related Sources
I See America Dancing (University of Illinois Press, 2002), edited by Maureen Needham, is a collection of primary source documents and articles. Discovering American Women's History Online provides links to more than 20 digital collections that include significant primary source materials about women dancers.

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