Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Women's History in Visual Arts Journals

Taylor & Francis is offering free access to its visual arts journals until the end of February. Several of these journals regularly include articles that feature primary sources. For instance, see these recent articles from History of Photography: "Splendid Calotypes" and "Hideous Men": Photography in the Diaries of Lady Pauline Trevelya, by Larry J. Schaaf; Impreciseness in Julia Margaret Cameron's Portrait Photographs, by Mirjam Brusius; and Exposing the Zenana: Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II's Photographs of Women in Purdah, by Laura Weinstein.

Searching the collection will also bring up numerous relevant articles from Visual Anthropology, such as 'The Eyes of Our Ancestors Have a Message": Studio Photographs of Fort Sumner, New Mexico, 1866, by Maureen T. Schwarz;  Men, Women, and "Japanese" as Outsiders: A Case Study of Postcards with Ainu Images, by Sidney C. H. Cheung; and Picturing Women, Class and Community in Arab Detroit: The Strange Case of Eva Habib, by Sally Howell. 

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Max Dashu said...

The Eyes of Our Ancestors is not open-access; a subscription is required. I keep finding these academic announcements, not just this particular one, implying open source and then running into a subscription wall. Frustrating!